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Coach & Mentor

Doctor of Metaphysics & Divinity, CEO of Heart of Inspiration, & Founder of The Practical Lightworker Program, Lisa Brewer

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Why are you here?

I teach Lightworkers how to create a spiritual business, increase their gifts and abilities, and live in abundance and purpose.

The Practical Lightworker Program helps you hone your spiritual gifts, certifies you as a Spiritual Counselor and Energy Practitioner (Healer), and shows you how to package your Light Work into a profitable and aligned business - in 12 weeks or less. We do this in 4 phases together. 

1. Inner Work

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First you will unleash your divine and overcome your deepest limiting beliefs and expand your Consciousness using Quantum Living Principles, private coaching, group learning, and certifying you in Spiritual Counseling / Energy Practitioner.

3. Business Development

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You won’t need to reinvent the wheel or look outside of this program to start earning (great) money sharing your spiritual gifts. The Practical Lighter Program has helped almost 100 Lightworkers just like you attract, enroll, and help your ideal clients with their transformation.. 

2. Outer Work

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Once you are aligned within yourself and your gifts, we will hone your ideal client avatar and business model, so you can share your spiritual gifts in powerful ways. In 12 weeks, you will have everything you need to start manifesting MORE MONEY with ease!

4. Business Expansion


After you enroll your first clients, and start making money as a LightWorker, we will guide you to expand your alignment so that you can attract opportunities to expand and spread your gifts with the masses. 

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You are here for a reason.
Your gifts will raise the collective vibration.


The World needs YOU now.


Meet your guide,
Lisa Brewer

25+ years helping people prosper in purpose

As an expert in the Metaphysical and Spiritual world, and a certified Reiki Master Teacher, 1,000s of people from around the world have sought my guidance through the decades. In working with LightWorkers from all over the world, I have had the honor of working with numerous podcasts, teachers/coaches, and social media influencers globally. And now, I am humbled that our paths have crossed.


Utilizing her immense knowledge and expertise in the spiritual space, Lisa delivered complex topics in a non-complicated and easy to understand way. The 2.5-day spiritual immersion retreat was transformative. I highly recommend this retreat to those seeking practical and useful information on accessing and activating spiritual gifts."

Jackie M.

Private Sessions

Private sessions with Lisa are magical, healing and empowering. Come experience Source like never before - birth chart interpretation, Reiki Energy, Tarot Reading and Akashic (Past Life) Readings are just some of the ways to unlock keys to the life you've always wanted.  And deserve..


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