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Coaches Corner: April 18, 2022

Congratulations!! For what?? You may be asking…

For facing those limiting beliefs that have been swirling in your mind, for taking a focused look at how the twists, turns and speed bumps have led you to self-evaluation and identifying that change is in your future!! That jump from working in corporate America to working in your own spiritual business is just a few strategic steps from manifesting!!

Column Three in this series on getting into the “Leaving Corporate America” mindset will be centered around a few vital and common sense-type steps that will help you flesh out a timeline for leaving the 9 to 5 job that may have you feeling out of sorts and outside of fulfilling your purpose. When you have made the commitment to yourself to take action steps towards a departure date at your current work situation, here are a few things to put on your final check-list:

  • Wrap-up projects and other loose ends at your job. This can include moving over anything that is tied to your work email or phone number that you need, to ensure you have access at a later date

  • If you are responsible for training a new-hire to your position, make that plan

  • Put in the required amount of notice, so as to not be penalized by your company

  • If you are working from home or virtually, make sure that you know exactly what you are required to turn back into your home office at your departure

In short, be realistic about what it will take for you to make your exit and give yourself a peace of mind about it. The timing will depend on your own needs and requirements.

As the above components are being addressed, this is also the time to get serious about your spiritual business! This would include having a solid number of services or offerings for clients that are priced in a sustainable manner, creating and promoting your website and getting your social media presence out in the world. This truly can feel like a secondary, full-time job as you’re wrapping up one realm and creating a new one! No need to feel overwhelmed by the details though! A solid spiritual business building program, as offered by Lightworker Academy, can help you organize, create and inspire you to the process of being your own boss and stepping into your spiritual gifts. With dedication, you will find this experience rewarding and profitable…it feels amazing when your purpose is paying for your personal life.

Coach Joanna and Coach Nicole

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