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Full Moon In Libra

Full moon in Libra – Calm before the storm

The full moon in Libra occurs on April 16, 2022. It is also called the Pink Moon, and is a significant lunation here at the beginning of the year. This is the first full moon after the beginning of the Zodiac year, and is typically an opportunity for us to bring balance to our lives early. This particular full moon though, is especially and critically important. Immediately following this full moon we will see a solar eclipse in Taurus. All of the eclipses this Zodiac year (from what I can tell at this juncture) will aspect Uranus in Taurus. This is going to bring some extremely eventful cycles to our lives. So it is imperative that we get balanced now.

I want to highlight for this full moon is that the majority of the planetary activity is occurring in the 8th, 9th, and 10th houses from the perspective of the Earth if you were born on the full moon. This is signifying that we must come into balance in:

  • how we leverage relationships with others.

  • how others are allowed to leverage their relationships with us.

  • our personal philosophies and educational or growth opportunities.

  • how we fell the world perceives us.

  • personal and public achievements and career choices.

How do we do this? I am a big proponent of sitting still and listening to your higher self. That can sometimes be challenging. But this week more so than ever, it is critical that you spend some time alone in meditation, contemplation and introspection.

Listen to your heart. Your heart will tell you where there are gaps and where there are inequalities in your life at this time. Emotional Intelligence is key. Most of the time we look at our emotions as something to be discarded or as an unreliable source of information. But if we're going to embrace the power and magic of the moon and Her energy, we are going to have to begin to validate our emotions and our emotional states as accurate compasses in our lives. When we only navigate our existence through logic we miss out on amazing opportunities and ancient wisdom.

I call this ancient wisdom because it is the wisdom that you have brought with you throughout all eternity. And this wisdom has been bought and paid for. Through karmic debt being paid, through experiences over many lifetimes, and through lessons learned and information gathered. Please don't disregard it as if it is unimportant. Possessing and accessing this ancient wisdom, your ancient wisdom, will assist you greatly in bringing much needed balance and grounding to your life right now.

My fervent hope and prayer for you is that during this cycle you can sit and listen and then act upon what your heart is telling you. That you can connect your heart vision and song to that of your third eye and higher self. And then through that connection be able to set into motion a series of events that will bring forward a fabulous manifestation of the life you are supposed to live on this earth. Of the life that you intended to live on this earth period of the life that you signed on for. A life of purpose, fulfillment, love and light.

When you get a chance, please take the opportunity to tune into the videos that are linked in this newsletter to further bring you insight into the lunation cycle and what it means for you. Also there is a link in the newsletter to the crystal grid that I have put together for this cycle. You'll have plenty of time to gather the necessary crystals should you not have them in your possession at this moment.

This is also a wonderful opportunity for you too make yourself some moon water by placing a glass of water outside under the full moon and letting that energy charge that water. Then bring it inside and set your intentions and sit in front of your crystal grid if you wish speak your intentions into the water three times, and then drink the water. Also taking a nice cleansing spiritual bath with Epsom salt rinsing off and then putting oil into your water and ceiling in your intentions and positive energy can be another easy ritual to use to interact with this this or any full moon.

Happy full moon and Libra! Enjoy the pink moon and take care of yourself.

In love and light, Lisa

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