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Letters From The Oracle: April 11, 2022

As I'm writing this entry into the Oracle's corner this week, it's a beautiful spring day here in Wisconsin. About 60 degrees, sunny, gentle wind blowing. The birds are singing and the children are playing and all is well in my little corner of the world. It has a beautiful and magical day.

I'm just enjoying nature. I'm just enjoying the beauty and the wonder that spring brings to us. My little apple tree in the front yard is just starting to blood on its branches. And the huge Maple tree and my front yard is also starting to bud on her branches as well. I have Robins that are nested in various spots around the house. The Kitty couple that lives across the street seems to have had a new litter since I last saw them! The world around me is waking up after its slumber. Reborn and refreshed.

But am I? Am I also reborn and refreshed in this time of spring?

As I sit here in the gentle breeze and soaking in the solar rays, I have to admit that I am not entirely sure I can answer that question in the affirmative. Yes there are aspects of me that have certainly undergone a rebirth since last year. Certainly during Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces seasons there has been for me a great shedding of interpretations and philosophies that I have held onto for many, many years. And some of those interpretations and philosophies and perspectives I thought were still working for me until the winter came. And suddenly that energy could not sustain me through the long dark winter months. They couldn't provide me any nourishment, any warmth, any comfort, any light. So they had to be reworked. They had to be transmuted. They had to be elevated. And they had to be reintegrated.

So I did. I took a good long hard look at everything and allowed that which needed to die off to die so that it could be replanted and I could be reborn in those areas.

If I'm going to be completely honest and transparent with you though, I'm still not feeling completely reborn and refreshed right now! I feel like I'm still carrying with me a lot of old and unnecessary energy. Like I'm dragging around a 50 pound sack of potatoes behind me and I can't seem to release it. It's bringing me to a point in my evolutionary process where I'm recognizing that this spring, this birthing season, in order for me to fully experience all that the energy of spring has for me I am going to have to do some radical spring cleaning. I'm going to have to be willing to revolutionize every aspect of my existence in order to partake in the great paradigm shift that is occurring right now.

You see, this is why I interact with energy and spirituality in the way that I do. Because I realized a long time ago that if we were espousing ascension and bantering that word around so flippantly we were eventually going to have to put our money where our mouth is. We were going to have to recognize that the birthing process is not just some easygoing walk in the park. That the actual process of giving birth, is in and of itself rather violent yet beautiful. It is in some ways a revolution that is staged by one human being to free itself from another. Never mind the fact that the mother has fed housed and protected it's a little baby for 10 months! (I'm laughing while I'm writing this by the way. I don't really look at this as a hostile takeover or a coup...) But just follow me - I mean when any group of people or individual break free from any manner of control or protection or subjugation by another, it is rather revolutionary isn't it?

And right now I'm at a point in my existence in this incarnation that I am ready to be radically free!

I am at the point that I am finally ready to burst out into the world in a new and tremendous way. I am ready to show up on the earth plane in a manner in which my Physical manifestation of my higher being wishes to break out of the cocoon, out of the womb if you will, and take Her first breath. Her first independent breath and let the world hear Her voice in a new powerful divine way. I know you may be wondering right now “what in the world does this have to do with the serene setting that Lisa was speaking about earlier in this blog?” I'll tell you what it has to do with all of that serenity. All that serenity came immediately after a revolutionary and evolutionary bursting on the scene of the buds of leaves on the trees, the little kittens across the road that are just starting out in life, the Robins that have hatched from their eggs and are singing a new song in the earth.

Serenity followed chaos of manifestation. The chaos of manifestation followed revolutionary intention.

So I, the Oracle, I'm making a declaration and proclamation and setting my intention today. I choose to make manifest my higher self in a real way on this earth plane from this moment forward. I am hoping that you will join me, and that together we can make revolutionary intentions that creates the chaos of manifestation and brings serenity into each of our worlds.

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