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This Crystal Grid for the New Moon uses the power of the Seed of Life with clarity, abundance and manifestation stones. This New Moon is also a Total Solar Eclipse, so we have a magnificent exponential cosmic energy of confidence, expansion and motivation to work with!


The basis of this grid is the Seed of Life. Life begins with a seed, and this month, I felt Spirit encouraged me to use this sacred geometry again so that we would truly get clarity and "oneness" with our destiny and mission.


Finally, within the Seed of Life itself, we have created two Hexagons (or Stars of David).

The six points of this shape, perpendicular to one another, will further bring balance and

harmony, Divine Connection, and alignment with the cosmos. These shapes will also help

you integrate Light Codes, DNA Activation, messages and dreams, bring clarity in your life purpose, and and ease the push forward in purpose this New Moon is bringing.

Crystal Grid for Manifestation & Abundance

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