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This is a two page document - the first shows you the grid, stone placement, and gives you recommendations for each stone to be used.  The second is the grid itself, without the placement markers, so that you can freely and easily use this printout to build your own crystal grid.


Use this grid to amplify the courage and wisdom to move yourself into the New Beginnings that your Higher Self in concert with Spirit is calling you to.  This can be used at any time you feel yourself at that crossroad - you know you're being called to the leap of faith, but your feet seem to be stuck.  Let the beautiful energies of Amazonite (helps in the creation of the new start), Labradorite (helps with transition and psychic protection) and Celestite (helps navigate you  through the new chapters in your life you are creating) come together in a powerful way to  propel you to your next level in your next chapter of life!

Crystal Grid for New Beginnings (w/ stone recommendations)

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