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This Crystal Grid for the New Moon in Scorpio is comprised of significant Sacred Geometry,

as well as specific stones. There are different stones you can use to achieve the same effect,

but I ask that you please do not change the geometric layout.


The basis of this grid is the Seed of Life. Spirit led me to use this symbol because this New

Moon has intense transformational energy contained within. Life begins with a seed, however

the seed must "die" in order for it to truly "live". This New Moon contains everything within to

completely transform your life iif you allow it to.


We placed an Octagram underneath the Seed of Life. The Octagram will grant you support

and stability (as well as balance) throughout this season of transformation. Because the Moon

is at its detriment in Scorpio, even though you know you will need to release a lot of various

energy and people and ideas, you may feel uneasy about this process. Your feelings are

going to be a bit unpredictable as you try to find the words to express the why, or you may

just erupt like a volcano. Allow the numeric vibration of 8 to stabilize you, expand you, assist

you in growth, progress and success.


Finally, within the Seed of Life itself, we have created two Hexagons (or Stars of David).

The six points of this shape, perpendicular to one another, will further bring balance and

harmony, Divine Connection, and alignment with the cosmos. These shapes will also help

you integrate Lightbody Activation, Tranmutation, bring clarity in your life purpose, and

and ease the karmic balance this New Moon is bringing, or at any time.

Crystal Grid for Shadow Work (New Moon in Scorpio)

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