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This Crystal Grid for the Full Moon in Gemini uses the power of the Flower of Life with inuitive, clarity, love and grounding stones. This Full Moon is the last of 2021, and we should work with this Moon to gain insight into our multi-dimensional self as well as resolve issues in our 3D lives so that we don't carry unnecessary baggage into 2022.


The basis of this grid is the Flower of Life. This represents the fullness of the revelation of the Seed as it has broken through the ground and is now showing itself in its beauty and glory. Multiple options now come from a single seed. Multiple dimensions can now be seen where there was one. Singular focus has now become multiple realities. The choice is yours.


Although it may seem that this grid is cluttered, each stone has been chosen for a specific reason. We carried over the Clear Quartz, Amethyst and Rhodonite from the New Moon Grid for continuity in energy and bringing our intentions to completion. The addition of Rose Quartz, Citrine and Black Tourmaline are here to help sort out and integrate new and existing energies as they show themselves during this part of the lunation cycle.


Specifically I want to call attention to the placement of Rose Quartz in the Vesica Piscis in the Flower. This is to assist you in easing into your rebirth, renewal, creation and transformation during this time. Also, Citrine at the center of the 6-point flowers supports a harmonious balance of cosmic energies, enlightenment, healing, and abundance.

Full Moon in Gemini Crystal Grid - Multi Dimensional Integration

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