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Doctor of Metaphysics & Divinity, CEO of Heart of Inspiration, & Founder of The Practical Lightworker Program, Lisa Brewer

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Cassidy Y. - Source of Balance

“Before enrolling in The Practical Lightworker, I was barely getting any business, stuck in limiting beliefs, failing social media, only using one modality.


I was hesitant to enroll.  Monetarily, it made no sense to join, but I trusted my gut and did it anyway - and everything is working out!  My gifts have opened up and expanded so much in such a short time.  I've gained knowledge and confidence to change the frame of my existing spiritual business. This has allowed me to change my limiting beliefs surrounding my business and move towards a more sustainable practice.  In less than six weeks, I now have the tools and modalities to be flexible in my business model.


This has opened up my schedule, my mind, and my spiritual gifts. I have also found an amazing community of healers that is supportive and informative that I know will stay with me from here on out.”

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Sara C.

I found Lisa through the tarot channels I was watching on YouTube & somehow she found me too. Lots of changes were happening for me, positive & negative. My divorce was finalizing, I was settling in my next chapter in a new state.


I was looking for my tribe, my purpose & my passion. I was looking for somewhere & something I finally belong to. I needed to do something for me. I had never put myself first. She has just created Light Worker Academy & it has been the best thing that has happened to me! I’ve been spiritually awakening for however many years & I wanted more knowledge. I’m the type of person that wants to know how to read & do everything spiritual.


Lisa offered that & so much more! Not only do I get to create my own spiritual business, she gave me an opportunity to work for her. So it took one clarity call for me to get my foot in the door to my spiritual journey & I can’t thank Lisa enough for having everything I need & more to succeed. To finally be free of the 3D world & live my best life.

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Jackie M.

"Utilizing her immense knowledge and expertise in the spiritual space, Lisa delivered complex topics in a non-complicated and easy to understand way.


The 2.5-day spiritual immersion retreat was transformative. I highly recommend this retreat to those seeking practical and useful information on accessing and activating spiritual gifts."



Before joining the light worker academy and starting my work with Lisa, I really didn’t know where to go with my business. I had great ideas and the purpose behind it but I didn’t have an actual framework for how to move forward the right way.


Now, I know exactly how to move forward and how to put my ideas into practice. My business is growing and I’m growing as a person through the academy. I’m confident in my knowledge of business now and feel more drive then ever to continue moving forward in my life’s purpose.

Image by Dominik Schröder
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Toni Lynn Alexander

Joining the LightWorkers Academy has been one of the greatest decisions and investments that I could have ever made for myself. I’ve gained so much timeless, valuable knowledge and experience from the Academy and I am actively using it to build my business. 


What you decide to put in when joining the LightWorkers Academy is what you will get out of it ,for sure, but the genuine love and support that you get from Dr. Lisa , the Coaches and all of the other beautiful LightWorkers, is more valuable than anything. 


So far I’ve learned how to structure and build my business. I’ve gained confidence in my intuitive abilities and have even activated some new abilities while in the academy.

 Most importantly I’ve learned that if you trust the process enough to let go, take a leap of faith, and allow yourself to be pushed out of your comfort zone … life will become pretty darn magical, powerful and purposeful.


I know that Success is right around the corner for me. I’m not sure if I would have been able to accomplish all that I have in this short amount of time without the guidance

 and support of the Academy. 


Thank you so much Dr. Lisa for creating a safe space for us LightWorkers to grow our gifts, grow our businesses and meet our Soul Families all at the same time.


So Much Love & Gratitude

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Elizabeth Tennelle

Where they were before

Before I began working with Lisa, I was a bit lost and confused.  Was I the normal one or was I the not normal one on this planet?  It turns out that there is no such thing as ‘normal’.  “Normal is just a setting on the dryer”, (Harley Quinn, Suicide Squad).  I knew that I had gifts but was afraid of them due to social conditioning.  I had been through many difficult experiences in my life in my mind, to my body and with my Spirit.  I needed guidance as to identify who and what I was as well as some direction.


·  Hesitations/doubts about joining

Of course, people have doubts about everything.  Especially when it is not free.  But I felt in my total being that I was supposed to work with Lisa.  I think of it as an investment into myself and my future.


·  What blew them away

What has surprised me are the many connections that I have made throughout my time spent with Lisa.  I have met kindred spirits that I feel comfortable with. (Finally!)  I know and am confident that I can ask questions that do not seem too “far out” during the Q & A session of the class time as well as during most of the live community sessions.  I have been working with Lisa since October 2020 and have witnessed her blossom over and over and over again.  I reflect on where she was in October 2020 to where she is now (June 2021) and it is astounding as to the affect that she has on people as well as the coaching and mentorship that is provided throughout the program.


·  What tangible and intangible results they achieved

The intangible results that I have received so far are immeasurable. So many doors have been opened that are not apparent to the naked eye because they cannot be measured.  Different doors to learning about Astrology, Reiki, Tarot and Meditation.  There are many more topics that I could list but shouldn’t you experience this for yourself?  Because I am still in the early stages as I write this, the tangible results that I have perceived are in my mind, body and spirit.  I am more confident in my Self, I stand taller and speak with clarity.  I make sure to practice self-care in addition to being a part of a larger community.  I feel physically ‘lighter’ and I really try to work with my intuition every single second of every single day.


·  What this REALLY means for them now

Going with this program and putting in the effort is hard work but it is definitely worth the peace of mind and heart that comes with it.  I feel and know that I am a limitless being capable of many, many infinite talents and gifts that are never-ending.  I know that when I am within the Lightworker Academy, that it is a safe place to learn, build community ties and be Your True Self. 

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