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Coaches Corner: April 11, 2022

How do we know when all roads lead towards making big shifts in life? Some changes, such as health or lifestyle, may be spurred on by physical needs or goals…but what about areas like career? Is there a way that we can clearly know that The Universe is speaking to us and urging us to “take the leap” into our own spiritual business? In this week’s Coaches Corner, we will share the experiences that we hear from our LightWorker Academy students and our own personal stories of finding a new path that allows purpose to promote personal stability & financial success.

The beginning of the journey is usually identified in the twists, turns and speed bumps that life seems to send our way. Opportunities for change can come in positive and negative packages, so assessing what is coming towards you from a grounded head and energy space is so beneficial. While the positive aspects of change light us up and make us eager for possibilities, the opposite feelings of fatigue, anger or sadness also hold clues to our next move. When we are specifically thinking about career moves, we have several indicators that need to be assessed:

  • Is your current work or job causing physical or emotional signs in your life, like depression or illness?

  • Sleep problems?

  • Mentally checking out while you’re on the job?

  • Being on autopilot for a portion of your day?

  • Chronically judgmental of yourself or others around you?

  • Unwinding after work becomes a multiple hour, black hole of social media or tv, leaving you feeling empty or enraged?

Sit with your answers to the above questions and let your Spirit Guides speak to you on a personal and profound level. The ideas, impulses and hits to your intuition are all ways that you are receiving and interpreting the communication coming back to you from your “team.” If you use tools such as tarot cards to help you read the energy around you or to plan for your next moves in life, this is also a good time to pull them out and get to shuffling! The inspirations and information that you gain in this process will help you collect your thoughts and words so the conversations that need to follow will be easier and organized. And, from experience, if that Death card or Tower card keeps flying out of your deck…just know that change and transformation will set your Soul free to express itself in a healthier and more fulfilling way. Stepping into your lightworker purpose is an amazing journey that will help you bring light to the darkness, lighten your burdens and heal yourself on multiple levels.

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